Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack


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Finally an Easter Hunt for adults. Relive the excitement of your youth with the Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack


About The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt

Remember that excitement as a child when the Easter Bunny would hide eggs around the house and backyard for you to discover on the morning of Easter Sunday?

You’d wake up early, wait for others to be ready and then be let loose running barefoot at full speed to find as many hidden chocolate eggs as you could.

Collecting them in your Easter themed basket and once full compare your chocolate haul with others before diving in to share and enjoy your chocolate treasure.

Well our friends at Beer Cartel have taken that exact same feeling and experience but with beer!

Inspired childhood memories and with a mission to have something adults can hunt for on Easter morning they’ve created The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack.

We’ve managed to secure a very limited amount of stock of this stock so don’t delay or you might miss out!

What’s Included In The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack

– 8 different limited and seasonal release beers from some of Australia’s top breweries (new beers for 2023)

– Range of beer styles, including Easter themed / style beers!

– Easter themed box for collecting the beers

– Game card with rules for each participant

– Tasting notes

About The Beers Featured In This Pack

– 100% limited and seasonal release beers

– 100% Australasian supporting local Australian and New Zealand breweries

As a bit of a teaser here are some of the breweries being featured:

Easter Beer Hunt Pack 2023 Featured Breweries

Spoiler alert: can’t wait to see the full brewery list? View the brewery and beer list here.

How It Works

Get ready for some awesome adult Easter fun in a few simple steps.

1. Order this Official Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack for yourself or someone else (you’ll need 1 pack per person playing).

2. On Easter morning have someone who is not playing hide the beers (e.g. mum, partner, neighbour, friend). Or if you are playing with a friend you can hide their beers and they can hide yours.

3. Once all the beers are hidden, using the Easter Beer Hunt box, each person must find 8 unique beers, no double ups. If you find one you already have leave it hidden!

4. Take photos of the best hiding spots you’ve found (there will be a prize for best picture shared to socials)

5. Sit, share and enjoy the beers from the hunt with friends and family.

Most importantly have fun, relax and enjoy that feeling of being part of The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt.



Packaging & Safe Transport

We love sustainability which is why this pack and its contents are made from recyclable products.

The Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Box is packed and shipped in a plain outer box (also recyclable) to ensure safe transit and keep the gift a surprise. 

8 Days Of Clean Drinking Water Donated

Brewquets has partnered with B1G1 and for each beer featured in this pack a days worth of clean drinking water is donated to a community where water is scarce.


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