Difficult Lock Upgrade


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Upgrade To A More Difficult Lock For The Beer Can Puzzle

Our Beer Can puzzles are very popular and the standard lock that comes with them are sure to stump even a well seasoned problem solving puzzle enthusiast, but if you want to take the puzzle to the next level, make it more difficult or have someone who thinks they are a bit of a puzzle wizard then you can upgrade the beer can puzzle with this more difficult locking mechanism.

Recommended Number of Upgrades For Each Puzzle Type

Single Can Puzzle: only one lock upgrade is needed for the single can puzzle

Double Can Puzzle: only one lock upgrade is needed for the double can puzzle

Four Pack Can Puzzle: the four pack puzzle has two rope locks on it. You can upgrade just one of those locks or both. If only one lock upgrade is purchased the four pack puzzle will be locked with one regular locking rope and one upgraded lock. If you want to make it extra hard we recommend purchasing two lock upgrades for the four pack puzzle.


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