Dungeons & Dragons Coasters Set of 6


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About The Dungeons & Dragons Coasters Set of 6

The must have coaster set for your next Dungeon & Dragons game!

Critical to the game of Dungeons & Dragons are the dice and this set of 6 coasters features the 6 key dice used (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20).

These are not functional drink holders but a showcase of someone passion for the DND world! They will make you (or the lucky gift recipient) the envy of their fellow DND players.

Perfect for using as an every day coaster they are laser engraved meaning there is no print that can wear off overtime. After being laser engraved each coaster is lightly sanded to smooth finish and then coated with a durable water proof finish for long lasting use.

Six Different Dungeons & Dragons Dice Themed Coasters

D4: 4 sided dice image 

D6: 6 sided dice image

D8: 8 sided dice image

D10: 10 sided dice image

D12: 12 sided dice image

D20: 20 sided dice image

Features of The Dungeons & Dragons Coasters 6 Piece Set

– 100mm in diameter, approximately 5mm thick

– laser engraved for longevity

– finished with a durable clear sealer for water resistance

– made from plantation timber

– cork base to safe guard furniture and tables from scratches 

– suitable for both hot and cold drinks


100mm diameter

5mm thickness

Please note, as timber is a natural product the final colours of the coasters may differ slightly to those pictured.


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